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Gaseous Maximus

Mama likes calling me adjectives that begin with the letter 'A'. Adorable, Awesome, Amazing, etc..

Last night she came up with a new one, inspired by my flatulence: Atomic Archie.

She wants me to ask you all how can such a small dog create such a big stink bomb?


I had no idea my pawrents are fascinated with balls like I am. Last night, I was introduced to a strange shaped ball they called a "football," and I experienced my first football game. My pawrents were super excited about it, and to be honest, their behavior freaked me out. They yelled a lot. At first I thought they were yelling at me, but it soon became apparent that I no longer was the center of their attention. They were yelling at the TV (further proof they are crazy, yes?). At certain points they would jump up and down, shake a thing with orange & blue strings that mama called her "pom-pom",  and scream "Touchdown!" And what in the world is a "War Eagle"? Mama took photographs to commemorate my first football game. We share below.