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The Thing I Detest Most in the World

The thing I detest most in the world is a disturbing sound that I'm told is called "bagpipe music."

Someone in my neighborhood plays it every afternoon, and it drives me into a barking frenzy. Occasionally the sound comes out of the magic TV box, and I have to run around the house, barking wildly, looking for it. Bagpipes are terrible, terrible things.

First Snow

I experienced snow for the first time last month. It is not supposed to snow where I live, and I am glad because I did not like it at all.

It was cold and wet. It turned part of my backyard very muddy. And it totally messed up my fur-do. Whoever is in charge of this snow stuff, please stop it around here.


Apparently I am a Dragon

I had no idea; but, apparently, I am a dragon. A breed of dragon called the Night Fury. And a movie has been made about me! Here is the poster for the movie.

Here are some pictures of me from the movie.

My name in the movie isn't Archie. I use a pseudonym and I am named Toothless. BOL!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy birthday dear meeeeeeeee!
Happy Birthday to me!

I was born February 8, 2009 and I am one year old today!

Here I am with my stuffy, who I love to pieces! When my mama & papa sit down for supper, I always run get Stuffy and bring him into the dining room.

Here I am helping mama get work done. Notice the papers I'm blocking?

I hope everyone has a great day on MY birthday! XOXO

Bad, Bad Archie

I have been on a bad streak this week!

I went to the bathroom inside, even though I know better.

I vomited on my pawrents' bed, and while they were sleeping in it.

I destroyed a pillow that was filled with teeny tiny little beads, and they went everywhere. It looked like it had snowed inside our house when I was done with that pillow!

I have chewed on my brother Catfish's collar so that it is barely recognizable or functional.

That's a lot of damage! And the week's not even over yet!