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Archie's Blog Begins

Hello! My name is Archie. I am a 7 month old male puppy. I live with my 2 pawrents, Shaun & Dana. I also live with my older furry siblings: Zoe, Catfish, Luna & Cadillac. My biological parents are Hurley & Fiona. I was born on February 8, 2009, at Shaun & Dana's house. It is fun living here with them and my brothers & sisters because there is always someone to play with me. I like being the youngest one in this family because I get a lot of attention!

For the past couple of months, my mama pawrent, Dana, has been thinking of writing a blog about me. She would mention it to friends and family, and they liked the idea. My nana grand-pawrent, Barbara, loved the idea and encouraged her to do it. My papa pawrent, Shaun, said "Blog that dog!"

But Dana never started one. And my feelings got hurt. I am way too adorable and funny not to have a blog. So I am going to write my own. That'll show Dana. People will follow my blog and I will be famous! She will regret not starting one devoted to how awesome I am.

My mama pawrent just read what I wrote above. And she is making me tell you that the only reason she didn't start a blog for me is because every time she sat down to begin writing it, she decided she would rather be playing with me. Awwww. Okay, I forgive her.

I will be blogging about life with my family and our funny adventures. Soon, I will write a few posts about the past 7 months of my life to catch you up to the present. I will post lots of photographs so you can see how handsome I am. My blog will entertain you and allow you to see the world from my eyes.

Welcome & Enjoy!


Susie said...

Archie!!!! I love your blog and enjoyed reading all about you...oh, this is your Aunt Susan! I will come see you really soon! I love you and tell your pawrents I love them too!!! xoxo