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Additional Archie Alliteration

Accessorized: I, Archie, dress up for Halloween, and always wear a charm necklace (my collar). I also sometimes try to wear the pawrents' socks.

Affectionate: I, Archie, am always ready to give and receive some affection. In fact, I huff and puff if there is a lack of affection and attention.

Abuzz & Abubble: I, Archie, am an eager and excited dog when the pawrents arrive home. I run to where I know my mama puts her purse when she comes home, and I wait there abuzz and abubble to greet her.

Admonished & Abominable: I, Archie, occasionally do something bad, like pull the stuffing out of the dog bed, and I run and hide when my pawrents reprimand me with loud, strern voices.