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I've Got Competition

A french bulldog puppy named Archie watching The Dog Whisperer.

I'm Ready for my Close-Up

This picture was taken when I was 5 months old. That pretty lady snuggling with me is my mama's niece, Randa. She has a dog too, so you know she's cool. I've learned a lot in the two months since this photograph was taken. I sit, stay, walk on a leash, fetch balls (did someone say ball? where's the ball?), tug rope, jump on the bed (although it is a high bed and it usually takes me a couple of tries), and I know that my bathroom is that green place outside. I think the pawrents are trying to teach me something called 'Shake;' but I don't understand what it is yet. They keep grabbing one of my front paws though. I told you they were crazy.

This is a recent picture (taken the same day as the crooked lip picture below that mama likes). I've grown a lot in the past two months. Today I weigh 28 pounds.

Since I know it is just a matter of time before I am a famous celebrity, here's my "close up."

The Best Worst Dog

Here's proof of last night's party. I love to chase after my brother Catfish's tail. Below is a nicer photograph of him so that you can see his face. He's handsome too. He gets in trouble a lot with the pawrents. Papa says he's the best worst dog in the world. Mama says his breath is deadly. I admire him a lot.

Party Like a Rockstar

I'm tired today. I over-celebrated the beginning of my blog yesterday by playing too hard! Last night I threw up on the pawrents' bed. Told ya I was a rockstar! I tried to get mama to take a picture of it for the blog, but she said it would scare away readers. I call it art though. So instead she is sharing the picture above to show off my listlessness this morning. That's my older sister Zoe beside me. She's really big and lazy. Not much fun to play with, but she is great for a nap buddy.

The 'Rents

This is a picture of my biological dad and mom, Hurley & Fiona. My love of balls is obviously inherited.

Early First Pictures

This is a photograph of me, my biological mom, Fiona, and the rest of my litter. I am one day old in this picture. I'm not sure which one is me. I had one white sister. You can see her nursing in this photograph. One of my papa pawrent's friends adopted her. My mom looks tired.

Here is a photograph taken of me at 2 months old. I look a little wobbly. I still had longs ears then. Maybe that's why.  
My breed is called Shortybull. It is a miniature bulldog, with English, French, etc.. Here is a link for my breed:

Archie/Parcheesi/Crazy Tongue

Here is a recent photograph of me.  I love my new collar that I'm wearing. It is black and has a pattern of white skulls and crossbones. Perfect for me, because I'm a rockstar! My mama pawrent likes this photograph because of my crooked bottom lip and tongue peeking out. My tongue usually does stick out the right side of my mouth. It has a mind of its own. Because of this, my pawrents sometimes call me "Crazy Tongue." But my real nickname is Parcheesi (hence the name of my blog). I understand the "Crazy Tongue" name; but I'm not sure why they call me Parcheesi. Except that its cute and fun to say. My pawrents are crazy! 
I do know why they named me Archie. My mama pawrent told me. You can tell by my photograph that my eyes are really, really far a-p-a-r-t. Dana said my wide set eyes were what set me apart from the rest of the puppies in my litter, and made me different enough to be the one she wanted to pick up and snuggle. One month, to the day, after I was born, Shaun & Dana went to see a movie that inspired my name. The movie had a character that was a superhero. The superhero had a flying device/ship named Archie. It looked like an owl. The windows were big circles set far apart like owl eyes. When Dana came home from that movie, she began calling me Archie. I think my name suits me and I like it just fine. I always come when my pawrents use it to call me. Sometimes I ignore them when they call me Parcheesi though. I like that name too, but I'm trying to train them that they can't have everything they want.

Archie's Blog Begins

Hello! My name is Archie. I am a 7 month old male puppy. I live with my 2 pawrents, Shaun & Dana. I also live with my older furry siblings: Zoe, Catfish, Luna & Cadillac. My biological parents are Hurley & Fiona. I was born on February 8, 2009, at Shaun & Dana's house. It is fun living here with them and my brothers & sisters because there is always someone to play with me. I like being the youngest one in this family because I get a lot of attention!

For the past couple of months, my mama pawrent, Dana, has been thinking of writing a blog about me. She would mention it to friends and family, and they liked the idea. My nana grand-pawrent, Barbara, loved the idea and encouraged her to do it. My papa pawrent, Shaun, said "Blog that dog!"

But Dana never started one. And my feelings got hurt. I am way too adorable and funny not to have a blog. So I am going to write my own. That'll show Dana. People will follow my blog and I will be famous! She will regret not starting one devoted to how awesome I am.

My mama pawrent just read what I wrote above. And she is making me tell you that the only reason she didn't start a blog for me is because every time she sat down to begin writing it, she decided she would rather be playing with me. Awwww. Okay, I forgive her.

I will be blogging about life with my family and our funny adventures. Soon, I will write a few posts about the past 7 months of my life to catch you up to the present. I will post lots of photographs so you can see how handsome I am. My blog will entertain you and allow you to see the world from my eyes.

Welcome & Enjoy!